Active Release & Graston Techniques

Dr. Burg is committed to learning the best techniques to help provide pain relief to his clients. 


Dr. Burg is certified in ART (Active Release Techniques).    These techniques are ideal for athletes, musicians and others who have formed scar tissue and entrapped nerves through overuse of their muscles.     Dr. Burg has learned the specific protocols to help his patients find relief from the pain caused by these issues.

"I'm an active (recreational level) runner.  I was not able to run at all for several months. It was very difficult for me to feel like a disabled person.  I could barely walk sometimes. I was seen by a podiatrist before Dr. Burg and passive treatment (rest) prescribed did not help.  Once i started to run, the pain returned.  I think ART treats the cause of the problem. This is why it works.

After the course of ART, I
  1. do not feel any heel or arch pain
  2. resumed my regular training (run 70-80 miles/ week) and prepared for a marathon race.
  3. feel active, healthy & young again." ~Dmitry P.

Call Dr. Burg at 510.601.6330 to schedule your appointment and receive the benefits of ART.


The Graston Technique is designed to alleviate any soft tissue pains.   It's an innovate, instrument-assisted technique to help athletes and others get relief in areas showing soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.  Dr. Burg is a certified practitioner of the Graston Technique and finds that it helps his patients tremendously. 

"Dr. Burg does it all. He combines adjustments, active release techniques and Graston techniques to address many issues. He is always kind, professional and efficient. When you ask him questions, he always answers them in a way that you understand and does not make you feel that he knows what is better for you than you do.

Months of physical therapy did not give me the results that Dr. Burg achieved within only weeks. I was able to start running again and resume my other activities. I understand that maintenance is necessary after my injuries, so I continue to see Dr. Burg on a regular basis.

Dr. Burg is the reason I was able to run again. Medical doctors only prescribed medication that would mask the problems. Physical therapy helped, but I was not getting the results that I wanted and it was taking too much time. " ~Erika M.

Call Dr. Burg at 510.601.6330 to schedule your appointment and receive the benefits of the Graston Technique.


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  • "I am a strong believer in Dr. Burg and his Active Release Technique. By far this is the most effective method I have had in comparison to other methods of chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage... let alone other doctors! Dr. Burg knows how to eliminate my pain very effectively!!"
    Alice C./Oakland, CA